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the act of using a fecal bomb as an excuse to leave your group of friends when you are only leaving to go masturbate.
Person 1: holy shit to a have to crap!
Person 2:nah, i see your boner, you are just trying to go crapsturbate.
Person 1: no i'm not
Person 2: yes you are
Person 1: this conversation is long
Person 2: yes is it, are you going to crapsturbate or not?
Person 1 leaves to masturbate.
by SuperGurustyle June 21, 2010
When you jack off to porn that involves, well, shit.
Ebby: 2 girls 1 cup always makes me crapsturbate.
Me: Well it always makes me throw up.
by Tikibarberfan July 11, 2010
Masturbate while taking a dump; Fapping and shitting at the same time.
The other day I was so horny that I decided to crapsturbate in the public bathroom.
by Anonymous Billybob Joe January 10, 2008