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When someone takes a snapchat while crapping.
-Bro, you heard about crapchatting?
-Yeah it's kinda nasty
-Nah its all the hype
by chiefpiggy February 28, 2014
1.when someone sends you an utterly pointless snap chat image.

2. When Someone sends you a picture of their freshly brewed shite still steaming in the toilet...
Aww for fuck sake Gordon just CrapChatted me,


He just sent me a picture of his shite..
by Dutchcoolpepper September 09, 2013
nicnkame for Microsoft Comic Chat (now obsolete), a disgustingly user-friendly IRC client with numerous security concerns, a hideous interface, and the system resource footprint of an overweight troll. Most often used by teenagers and middle-aged people who suddenly have no grasp of the English language the moment their fingers touch a keyboard.
(as seen in the far less lame mIRC)

<noob>orly? yarly!!!eleventy-one!

<OP kicked noob from #channel>

<OP>'nother damn crapchat user.
by Joselle February 13, 2008
A Snapchat picture that consists of a human bowel movement
"Dude...I just sent Michael a crapchat. Hope he can tell I had corn yesterday."
by bigfoot58 November 28, 2015
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