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3 definitions by Joselle

A common dorm-room drink, consisting of a Dr Pepper-like soft drink and a few shots of Mr Boston vodka. Usually tastes like complete and utter shit, but it gets the job done.
Bunny, Lori, and Reba got through exam week by downing several Dr Bostons every night.
by Joselle September 21, 2005
9 2
The interstate stretching all the fsckin way through most parts of Georgia, and an assload of other places too.
I got stuck behind some asshole on I-20 when I was trying to get home from Atlanta.
by Joselle September 21, 2005
7 5
nicnkame for Microsoft Comic Chat (now obsolete), a disgustingly user-friendly IRC client with numerous security concerns, a hideous interface, and the system resource footprint of an overweight troll. Most often used by teenagers and middle-aged people who suddenly have no grasp of the English language the moment their fingers touch a keyboard.
(as seen in the far less lame mIRC)

<noob>orly? yarly!!!eleventy-one!

<OP kicked noob from #channel>

<OP>'nother damn crapchat user.
by Joselle February 13, 2008
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