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The appearance, smell, taste, and sound of when a woman forgets to wear a tampon and the period juice dribbles down to be sucked into her squiffer, forming a vacuum inside her arse. If she then proceeds to fart, it sprays a tornado of guffe blood absorbing anything or anyone in it's path, thus, creating a cranberry hurrincane (cranburricane).
Stephanie was walking down the street, when suddenly, she felt a warm trickle of fluid creeping out her pussy.
She stopped, sat down, layed upon her back, trying to up-suck the juice back into her fadge.
This technique didn't work, and the blood flowed into her crack.
She took a deep breath, and (s)creamed in utter pleasure, and all of a sudden.... CRANBURRICANE!
Stephanie's dog, Jasper, got sucked into this horrible mess, and was no more.
Stpehanie's Cranburricane caused $4,500 worth of damage, and the entire city was covered in wet, sticky, nutty jam.
by erectism December 29, 2007