Chain of resturaunts that is based on a country store gimmick that combines a fairly varied store that sells mostly woodwork such as chairs and a resturaunt that is known for it's southern country style. Very good.
I went to cracker barrel the other day. I bought me a rocking chair and Momma's Pancake Breakfast.
by Hobo Spider August 19, 2005
(noun) A white woman with an oversized bottom.
(verb) The act of performing anal sex with a white woman with an oversized bottom. I.E. to cracker barrel someone.
Did you see the ass on that white girl. I'd love to cracker barrel that.
by jtmiller August 22, 2008
American restaurant & Kuntry store chain catering primarily to crackers, peckerwoods, rednecks, honkies, po-dunks, trailer trash, hill billies, bubbas, billy bobs, jim bobs, john boys, jethros, cooters, goobers and mostly just whitey.
My civil rights were violated at a Cracker Barrel because I am an African American.
by Jonathan Law July 05, 2006
A restaurant in the South, which got its name from old school Cowboys. Where the term cracker came from
Theres to many cracka's at Cracker Barrel. Lets get some viddles somewhere else
by alphahooker November 22, 2004

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