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Bar-B-Que, used mainly in the south
ya'll come on over for the cookout Sunday. Bring the grits!
by alphahooker November 22, 2004
Like wasting $1000 to hang out in the parched desert with 35,000 bitter hippies? If you answered yes to this question, then Burningmans for you! Come join the burned out Deadheads and deluded, hard-up Frat boys to chase the handful of washed up hippy women that were in their prime in the summer of love 1969. If you have any drugs, make sure to hoard them because everybody else will be! Not to mention the HUNDREDS of law enforement agents and their canine units just ITCHING to make a bust. Throw in the alkaline soil slowly eating away at any exposed skin, and you're good to go! Bring a women with you and watch 20 horney dirtbags instantly materialize to try to pry her away from you! This event might have been fun back in the '80s, but if you're really looking for a good time, spring break in Cancun is the place to be.
Now I know why they call it burningman, cuase man, do you get burned!
by alphahooker November 23, 2004
Extremely intoxicated. See also faded
'What the hell happened last night?'
'Holy shit coz you were faded to the curb!'
by alphahooker November 22, 2004
abandoning/neglecting your drink.
Bad parents leave wounded soldiers
He opened up a beer but left it in the other room. He's being a bad parent
by alphahooker March 11, 2008
Gotta take a shit to the point that the turd is almost coming out on its own. See also crowning
Reference to skydivers that drop streamers before they jump to test wind direction.
After that cigarette and coffee the jumpers are dropping streamers
by alphahooker November 22, 2004
Like the above definitions. Funny thing is, I was calling a fellow co-worker that, who happens to be Indian (not Native American). Turns out Choad means vagina in Indian.
'Ram you're such a choad.'
'Why did you just call me that?'
by alphahooker November 22, 2004
Female with a smelly snatch
Wear a jimmie when you bag that whore, she's a stinker
by alphahooker November 22, 2004

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