A non-racist name for a white person. While this name has a lot of history and is deemed to be not politically correct, this is untrue and over sensitive. In contrast the N-word is racist because it is usually said with hate,malice,ignorance and is intentionally derogative. The impact of the word cracker pales in comparison. Any one who is offended by this word should catch up on some black history, it might put it all in perspective for you. Not everything that is racial is racist. Fuck Political Correctness, I believe in complete free speech. If you choose not to use a word (eg. the N-word) you have my respect, but I wouldn't be offended if you called me a Paddy or a Mick.
Black guy: Hey cracker.
White guy: Hey john. Whats goin' on?
Black guy: Nuthin much.
by Irish Dave01 August 14, 2007
A white person of european descent that usually has a red neck, with a garlicy smell taht is also ugly.
That cracker over there has a gay look on his face.
by yassir shah ( Arab power) January 21, 2008
1)Derogatory term for honkies. Mostly used by African-americans, but it is also used by Hispanics, Hindus, and other minorities.

2)White people are the only people that can call whiteies this and not be taken as derogatory, taking a different meaning than the first. "Cracka" would also be acceptable in this case.

3)Tasty, dry, thin, salty bread-based things that are usually square, with lots of little ridges on the edges. Commonly crumbled and placed in soup. They can be dipped in thick, gooey, or watery food such as: peanut butter, melted cheese, salsa, taffy, caramel, etc., then eaten. Also, it can have small food, or small wedges of large food placed upon it.
Ghettoguy: "Get chyo' ass outta ah hood, cracka!"(Ghettospeak for cracker)

Honky: *Sighs*"I do not speak Ghetto. However, based on my knowledge, it would be an intelligent concept if I were to place myself in a "running" position and avoid being rendered lifeless by this gentleman's large firearm."

Honky: "Hey, Cracker! What is up? And some watered down street slang."

Playa Honky: "Hey, yo man! I be chillin' wih mah brutha awn th' flipside downTOWN!!!"


Person: (Eats crackers with honey smeared on top.)"Mmmmmm... cra-"
(Admiral Ackbar breaks through window and sucker-punches Person in the face)

Admiral Ackbar: "IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!"

by Mbeh September 25, 2007
a prejorative word ( relating to prejudice or racial terms)
used by people with spanish, or african decent to inflame the white race. It was used as a inverse word to Nigger, which as seen on wikipedia.com has no racist meaning what so ever. Cracker is a word that some white people, maily ones hooked onto the hip-hop culture use to describe other people making a parody of them being secure with their caucasian decent.
Cracker has a lot of etemology, and was deprived fromt he term, "cracking the whip", or resembling that of a cracker, which is usually white in color. ( maybe people suggest the white race tastes good- leading to the come back, yes i know my penis is very rich in flavor)
Cracker can be used in many different ways, half the time used as a racial slur, and/or offensive relation.
whats crackin, cracker
yo cracker ( as used by a man with african decent)
yo, i know this *fucking* cracker did not just do what i thought he did!
Whats good in the hood cracker, oh yea you wouldn't know.
by Giovanni-romeo November 30, 2006
A term for white people because of their obvious resemblance to Saltines.
(black guy sees a white person in the hood):
"look at that white cracker tryin to be all ghetto n shit"
by the Slayer August 03, 2006
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