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According to history it was a term first used by rich white plantation owners and government heads to discourage lower class white citizens in the 1800's, they were called this because all they could buy was flour and water and made cheap bread with the ingredients forming a large cracker. Slaves on the plantations were encouraged by slaver drivers to call these lower class citizens who stole crops.

Today it is used mostly by black individuals to make fun of white individuals. Though dosent have as much impact as its cousin word "Nigger" (cuz white people weren't mass enslaved in America)
Black Guy: What up cracker!
White Guy: Hehehe....Hey man
White Guy: (whispers) stupid nigger
Black Guy: What was that bitch?!
White Guy: *runs away*
by Okey O. January 29, 2006
when a girl is teabaging and bite the nuts so hard they crack
I wish I'd sent my cracker sister to your dads house before he fucked your mother you fucking gorby

that fuckin' biaaach was a hell of a cracker,well... I don't need to use a rubber nomore

by myazoo November 28, 2005
a white racist who can't admit that the white power governments, police stations, and corporations in his country are the reasons he is on top. He will usually be overheard saying that the term cracker is just as offensive as nigger, but this makes little sense as white people were never systematically oppressed in this country on the basis of their skin color...EVER. similar to honky
the cracker had been lied to his whole life about race relations, history, and government policy in his country. He buys into honky propaganda that arbitrarily brands an entire people "lazy" or "shiftless." That cracker is an ignorant fascist.
by social justice August 18, 2005
- A white caucasion individual, who is mostly named by other black males and females. Called crackers way back from the 1900's because white americans named African Americans "Niggers."

"Look at dat cracker mother fucker right der"

"Letz woop his cracka ass
Black-"Look at dat cracker mother fucker right der"

Black-"Letz woop his cracker ass"

White-"Why please do not hurt me, I have children."

Black-"Fuck yo white kidz, woop his cracker ass!!
by Eric February 26, 2005
a cracker is a dumb ass white person that think they are still better then us blacks today and that is not true slavery has been over for many of years and these dumb ass crackers think that because us blacks have a litte bit of power we are going to have revenge on them but that is why the world is falling apart both racial groups are the same but crackers think that we are lower then thenm and fuck all crackers i hate all you bitches
hey tina did you see what happened in school a cracker called a black person a nigga and the black person beat his ass
by ballou April 25, 2007
a word that people usually call white people when they try 2 call us black people out or when they jus lame ass hell.Also when they do some dumb ass shit.
look at crazy cracker riding his bike in the winter.
by chacone October 17, 2006
sex organ, either male (penis) or female (vagina)
The catcher used a cup to protect his cracker.
by Dee November 21, 2003