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1. An interjection, an expression of extreme pain or frustration. See also bollocks. May be proceeded by intensifiers such as bloody.

2. Literally, a gay man's testicles.
'My colostomy bag is caught in the space-age sliding door again...buggery bollocks.'
by MerryAndy October 09, 2006
A slang term for 'white person,' which can be affectionate or derogatory depending on the context. Unlike 'redneck,' 'cracker' does not carry the added connotation of 'powhitetrash,' but simply refers to someone who is undeniably white.

Despite the common misconception that 'cracker' refers to whip-happy slave-drivers, the term is derived from 'Florida Cracker,' after Florida hill-billy cattlemen who drove their cattle along the highways, cracking their whips.
have you sampled my designer line of baked goods, 'crackah, pleez?'

get yo cracker ass up in the house fo somebody sees you.
by MerryAndy August 05, 2007
1. An interjection expressing frustration or disbelief, directed at a cracker or white boy.

2. My designer line of baked goods and fine wafer products.
Victoria: all I'm saying is that slavery existed in African societies before European colonialism.
Jasmine: crackah, pleez!

these crunchy cheddar poppy biscuits will have you yelling 'crackah, pleez!'
by MerryAndy August 05, 2007

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