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Somebody who has a penis that isn't as large as it should be for their race, or an insult that just generally throws somebody off balance and catches them by surprise.
Shut up, cracker dick!

Man, Jaykwon's girlfriend said he's a cracker dick.
by Suyo August 06, 2005
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A penis that gets soft and fraile when it gets wet; like a cracker
Girl #1: Did Josh beat it up last night?
Girl #2: No as soon as he put his dick in me he got cracker dick.
Girl #3: Eww i told you
by VigilanteSpyder November 16, 2016
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(N) An insult; an allusion to a fake medical condition that results in the fragility of male genitalia.
Doctor: We ran some tests, and it turns out you have cracker dick.
Patient: Damn, shouldn't have gone on the singers cruise.

Why does Jason keep a towel over his junk?
Oh he's got cracker dick, it'll get soggy if it gets wet
by DiabloRain October 22, 2014
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