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the offensive view, of the crack of an overweight person's ass, that sticks out above their pants, when bending over or sitting on a backless chair or bench. coin slot

Frank was ruining everyone's appetite at the picnic with his sweaty crackage hanging out of his pants.
by dacabinator May 29, 2007
9 4
Women's Butt Crack Cleavage = CRACKAGE. When NO THONG IS PRESENT (no whale tail), only butt crack. CRACKAGE.
"Wow check out that girls crackage, she didn't wear panties today, what a naughty girl."

"So this girl reached for the shoe box, and WOW, her Crackage was Everywhere!"

"I couldn't help but notice your crackage, can I take you out sometime?"

"Nice crackage, you're making me aroused, in the middle of the food court."
by Roeder181 on youtube March 06, 2010
7 2
crackage basicly means "Biff" or "Fail".
"That was total crackage."
by Is It What Is It April 08, 2009
6 3