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Looking like a line dancer at a wedding, the act of a carpenter looking for a pencil, putting his/her hands behind both ears, then both shirt pockets, then both front pants pockets, then both back pockets, then spinning in a circle looking on the floor, scratch top of head...repeat.
Billy looked like he was doing the carpenter's macarena, looking for his pencil.
by dacabinator November 11, 2007
the offensive view, of the crack of an overweight person's ass, that sticks out above their pants, when bending over or sitting on a backless chair or bench. coin slot

Frank was ruining everyone's appetite at the picnic with his sweaty crackage hanging out of his pants.
by dacabinator May 29, 2007
1. the desire to drop your pants and drag your ass on cool grass or tile floor, to soothe the burning after eating extremely hot peppers and then taking a crap. butt skootin' boogie
Charlie had to drop and drag in the grass to kill burning from the hot peppers he had with lunch.
by dacabinator May 30, 2007

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