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Women's Butt Crack Cleavage = CRACKAGE. When NO THONG IS PRESENT (no whale tail), only butt crack. CRACKAGE.
"Wow check out that girls crackage, she didn't wear panties today, what a naughty girl."

"So this girl reached for the shoe box, and WOW, her Crackage was Everywhere!"

"I couldn't help but notice your crackage, can I take you out sometime?"

"Nice crackage, you're making me aroused, in the middle of the food court."
by Big_White_Ya_Know March 06, 2010
the offensive view, of the crack of an overweight person's ass, that sticks out above their pants, when bending over or sitting on a backless chair or bench. coin slot

Frank was ruining everyone's appetite at the picnic with his sweaty crackage hanging out of his pants.
by dacabinator May 29, 2007
crackage basicly means "Biff" or "Fail".
"That was total crackage."
by Is It What Is It April 08, 2009
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