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I define a crackfuck as a crackhead that sleeps with your husband.
While Alexia and Jon were working out their marriage difficulty, the local crackfuck, Crystal, tried stealing him by screwing him.
by Alexia January 31, 2005
Fucking the crack of the ass by sliding one's dick inbetween the cheeks parallel with the back, in the same manor as Tit Fucking.
She wouldn't go anul, so I just Crack Fucked her.
by Turboblazer January 03, 2008
Crackfuck is the joining of Crackhead with fucktard, producing "Crackfuck." It is popular because of the alliteration of the hard k sound in Cra, ack, uck.
1. Avril Lavigne is a crackfuck.
by JIMMEH May 15, 2003
a level of high beyond imagination
sean: "yo you alright man?"
kyle: "lololololol"
sean: "oh hes crackfucked"
by t8sty-salad December 24, 2008
A crack head fucknut
That crack fuck just took the last bowl of pot!
by Justin December 03, 2002