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3 definitions by Turboblazer

Fucking the crack of the ass by sliding one's dick inbetween the cheeks parallel with the back, in the same manor as Tit Fucking.
She wouldn't go anul, so I just Crack Fucked her.
by Turboblazer January 03, 2008
Fucking the pancreas. It causes cancer, but feels excelent.
I asked her if we go do it, she said no.

What'd you do?

I asked if we could pacrafuck. She said O.K.
by Turboblazer January 03, 2008
A color, that is very orange, but not orange due to like of vibrance. The color of some one who uses fake tan too often/ much.
Woa, she'd be so fuckable if she wasn't so damn debby!
by Turboblazer January 03, 2008