One of the coolest snipers on any game, could possibly shoot an enemy in the head at 1,000 yards, also has one of the best scottish accents on a game, despite being a crack-shot with a sniper, it's Price who "assasinates" Zahkaev (he blows off his arm)
"Too much radiation, we'll havta go arown"-Cpt. MacMillan
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall October 18, 2009
Top Definition
The most badass sniper in Call of Duty 4.
"If it isn't Scottish, it's crap." - Cpt. MacMillan
by Bartlett Lanes January 17, 2008
A Scottish Sniper From the Game Call of Duty 4. He is Lt. Price's Captain for the missions: 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill'
"Oi, Suzy!" - Cpt. MacMillan
by "Soap" Mactavish July 31, 2008
Aside from Gaz he is the best character in Modern Warfare 2. He appers twice in the game when Cpt. Price is having a flashback of 15 years ago. All Ghillied-Up and One Shot, One Kill are the missions in which you play as Price.
Cpt. Macmillan quotes:
"Shite! Where did he come from?"
"Pooch doesn't look too friendly."
"Are you daft?"
"The word stealth doesn't mean much to you does it?"
by A7X forever September 06, 2010

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