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Italian expression used to describe a girl particularly ugly.

Use "cozze" if they are a herd.
Sorry mate, I can't go out with your sister, she's really a cozza.

Oddio dovevi essere proprio ubriaco ieri sera, hai ballato tutto il tempo con quella cozza terribile.
by quicksilv3r April 14, 2009
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British English slang (In South / South East) for the police - similar to the term Rozza
hurry up mate the fucking cozza are coming
by AndrewtheBold April 21, 2011
A name given to a fat jew called Matt.
"Hey there goes Cozza. Man hes fat and looks like hes got downs syndrome"
by Magic Miaggi October 21, 2007
a cozza is when you hide behind a wall, waiting to pounce on the first dog that appears. usually doggystyle and then facial. all dogs have to be willing to give consent. and be of legal age. favourites are poodles. sometimes even give them an angry pirate or an angry dragon
''dude i gave this babe of a poodle a 'Cozza' last night' was amazing!!''
by drew2222 September 30, 2006

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