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Covington, Kentucky is a city bordering Cincinnati, Ohio. To most, Covington, and the near Newport, Kentucky, have unofficially become part of Cincinnati.
From Northbout I-75, as you're going down the hill just as you're about to enter Covington, you can see a great view of Cincinnati.
by Mike February 03, 2005
Covington, GA - A small town, very close, south from Atlanta, GA
We still holdin' it down for all our folks here in Covington, The COV
by B. Pulliam October 11, 2004
A miserable hell-hole on the Virginia/West Virginia Border.
If I ever have to go back to Covington, VA, I will kill myself.
by Horatio Huffnagel March 25, 2006
Covington, Ga is a small, rural town south-east of Atlanta where nothing happens. Most of the town's adolescent population hangs out in the Wal-Mart parking-lot drinking PBR and talking about huntin'. Also, being that the town is primarily rural, meth plants, trailer-parks, and weed fields are not uncommon.
Also known as the most boring place on earth or east-bum-fuck

Johny: "I have to go visit my dad this weekend...In COVINGTON, this is going to be hell"
by yeah, i lived there. February 03, 2010
A woman with a large man eating vagina.
A:Have you seen Dave lately?
B:No! The Covington must've got him.
by Jugszzz April 05, 2007
a school in which everyone is smart... run by morons though...so sad
Covington killed berkshire in basketball...
by bitchen July 20, 2003
actually it's a small little lame ass excuse of a village near seattle...more specifically, the bum fucking egypt of the greater seattle area
Look kids, Covingtons finally on the map! Holy Cranky!
by Anonymous September 11, 2003