A girl who is really short and her personality is bigger than her. She is extremely loud and seems rude to people who don't know her. Close friends know she's actually a really caring person but gets annoyed easily by other people. Once you get her to open up you will find that she is really funny and loves to laugh at her own stupidity. She has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyelashes. She loves sports, especially football. If you play football, it's a major plus and she will probably fall in love with you. Everyone loves Courtney and wants to be her friend once you get to know her. All of the guys want her. So ladies better watch out because she'll steal your man.
Me: I choose that guy
Courtney: I choose the one with the six pack and blonde hair

Me: You can have him, if get the one with the nice arms
by Jabucbsc February 13, 2014
She's a super loyal and trust worthy friend. She will stick by your side through think and thin. She's is also really funny and can brighten up your day. She can get jealous at times but gets over it fast. She also loves anybody and everybody... She's not quick to judge others. She is defiantly closer with her friends than with her family.
Woooooow I want Courtney as my bff!
by Urbndic January 10, 2012
Spawn of Satan, stupid cunt hoe, irritating, disrespectful, fugly bitch that doesn't know how to act around normal people, boys should not be all over her. yuck.
Courtney: Oh! I like your bra.
Louise: Cunt.
by sewg February 02, 2008
a stupid idiot that goes to lauderdale and sucks huge fucken balls
man courtney sucksand is so stupid god
A girl who is energetic in every way, but doesn't care about school. She loves mexicans but doesn't date any, she isn't the most beautiful type but has a good heart. Very stubburn when it comes to friends and hates backstabbers, She hates friends who date her ex's she will kill you. Courtneys are usually brunnette and hazel eyes and typically short.
Friends, "Dood jake just asked me out!"
Courtney " YOUR DEAD!"
by queezyriot1397 February 20, 2011
Courtney is the wind beneath my wings. She is the air that fills my lungs and the food that I digest. When her blonde hair whips my face in the wind my knees turn to jello. Strawberry jello. She is the meaning of life. She is the jesus in jeans. Her brown uggs make me smile and her smile makes my brown uggs. Her gentle caress gives me chills as I reach for a wheelchair. She has the voice of a siren, louring me in, only she doesnt kill me when I get there, as in the Greek mythology. When she sings Beyonces "Halo" it is like a combination of Marvin Gaye and Lady GaGa. I get lost in her blue eyes, I feel like I'm Merlin looking for my son Nemo in the vast ocean, approaching the East Austrailian Current. She is a wild tigress but also a gentle gazelle. I just want her in my belly. GET IN MAH BELLAYE!
The love of my life, is Courtney.
by Melinda Poo October 28, 2010
A very sexy girl that is corny and funny and sarcastic. Also known for being yellow and coming from Singapore. Has a wide social circle and a reputation for being awesome and a troller. Has multiple crushes at one time. Also loves anime and singing.
Mitsuru: Courtney is so sexy. I want to eat her!
Sam: I have already eaten her. ;)
by blehjame June 18, 2014

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