Transferred use of the French surname meaning "from Courtenay (in northern France)." The name as legend goes are thought to be given to both Male and female children. Although Male Courtneys are rarely seen and thought to not exist any more.
Courtneys are known to be Fun, intelligent, kind, gorgeous, sexy, Obsessive and are known to ""Knock back"" quite a few .

Courtneys are knows to have a temper (dubbed in some groups ""the Courtney Freak out"" where they are know to do things such as throw ashtrays at waitresses (see: Courtney Love),have a severe case of road rage and screams leaving receivers on the other end deaf and scarred for life (usually starting with an "OH MY GOD!!!!11!one!" or a "WHAT THE F*CK").

One is cautioned approaching a Courtney once meeting one your life is most certainly guaranteed to NEVER be the same.
"Courtney is incredible, enough said!"
by Jamison Bauer March 16, 2009
The sweetest girl in the universe. Soooo sexy, she will refuse to accept how beautiful she actually is. The most fun, talentied, and amazing girl you will ever meet. Her eyes cut from stars, cute as a button, beauty with brains.... and the sexiest ASS I've ever seen. One of a kind, true better keep this one!! Also has a thing for Chad's.
You are the best I will ever have. I love you, Courtney!!
by dzntmater020 February 02, 2010
1. sarcastic but amazing person.

2. another word for beautiful

3. really good in bed.
1. that girl was such a courtney!

2. aww you are so courtney today

3. dude that courtney was amazing last night.
by onlyicanfooltheworld August 05, 2009
A guy's name which very often is perceived as a girl's name (as it usually is).
Shut your fucking face, Courtney.
by breich October 24, 2006
Courtney is a freakin amazing friend.
All the guys want her.
She's smart
and gorgeous.

But she has her days where she can be a jerk, but so does
everyone else.
madison; She's so nice
Lesley: I know, sucha Courtney!
by JimBobHoeBanger January 24, 2010
an absolutely fantastic girl. a gorgeous, funny, lovable, hugable cutie. crazy drunk party bitch at some moments but is always fun to be around. men are definately a priority to her, however, she is a priority to them too. courtney couldnt be a better friend. saying she is amazing would be an understatement. a true rigger. one that rigs often and daily. a true RM. a young RM. sick girl. not a word for putting shit in the mouth. a good friend who listens to one's problems. good advice giver. always has an answer. laughs at my jokes. One that always speaks her mind and always has a word for people. A GINGER. and an overall nice person
nice girls are courtneys
by samalextyler July 18, 2009
That girl you start out not to like then, get to know her and become great friends with her, yall almost become family, a Courtney will do anything to keep a good friend sticking around. She's very kind and smart, and her family is too. Her family will treat you like one of them.
"Yalls family is a Courtney family."
by "That Girl15" December 31, 2009
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