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1. An amazingly beautiful woman whom everyone aspires to be as fun and charming as. Men pine over her and women are jealous of her. Courtney has all of the most beautiful features that a woman can have. She is the one who men crave to have. This is 100% because of her personality. Courtney could be ugly and everyone would still love her because of her fun loving and amazing ways. Courtney's ideal mate would be a male who would care for her through all things and never intentionally cause her pain. Courtney deserves the world, and the world she shall be given. Her ideal mate at this time would be someone whos name starts with a C.
Ashleigh: I wish I was as cool as that Courtney chick..
Ashleigh's boyfriend: I wish you were too... :/
by TheCas3yB May 17, 2010

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