A Coulthard is when someone has a MASSIVE chin that's as big as David Coulthard's.
Dave, why are you trying to pull that girl man- she's got a coulthard!
by Pooooootash January 16, 2004
A Coulthard is someone who is generally very quiet and relaxed, but that has sporradic bursts of energy, at which time they will usually punch someobody, throw something, or maybe even kill those around them. Once said act has been commited by a person, all friends in the vicinity must immediately yell "Coulthard!!"
It also is used when reffering to someobody that is acting like they are cool. Coincidentily, if you put thard after anything that rhymes with "COOL" it sounds awesome.

"Dude! You just threw that orange" Person 1
"What a fucking Coulthard!" Person 2

"Check out that Coulthard sitting on the Stoolthard. That Coulthard loves to swim in the Poolthard. I hope he doesn't beat me with that Toolthard. He's just too cool for Schoolthard."

by Dornstar March 04, 2009
When you run around a library pretending to stealth kill people because you think your some kind of ninja.
Every library has a Coulthard
by JeffreyPulls April 30, 2012

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