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An evil entity that wants to destroy America and hates us for our freedom.
The Coultergeist wants to destroy Democracy and turn America in to a Corporate Theocracy.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Tall scary, monstrous looking conservative skank rumored to be either a hermaphrodite, tranny, or cross gender species who hangs out with O'Lielly, Shammity, Screwburrow, and the Hillbilly Heroin Addict himself, Lush Fatso
The Coultergeist invaded my television late last nite, that monster tried to brainwash me and force me over to the darkside.
by Sarah Failin October 03, 2008
A word used to describe the haunting feeling one gets when watching Fox News.
Example A: "Man, there was nothing else on last night, so I decided to watch some Fox News. After a few minutes of Sean Hannity it felt like there was a Coultergeist in my house."

Example B: "Coultergeist? As in, Anne Coultergeist? Man, this shit's wack." *Thumbs down*
by FreeDick February 11, 2011
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