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To disallow a game-winning goal by calling a foul where none occurred.
Coulibaly became a household name in the US after Mali referee Koman Coulibaly disallowed Maurice Edu's game-winning goal in the 86th minute of the US-Slovenia match in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
by Ryan "Fratastic" Wallace June 19, 2010
To disallow a goal because you can't handle the fact that the US no longer sucks at soccer
The US were coulibaly-ed twice in the 2010 World Cup.
by fuck coulibaly June 23, 2010
To perform a critical analysis of an event , in real time, with poor accuracy or judgment (or "judgEment" if you are British). Refusal to discuss or deliberate on the issue afterward is a common complementary course taken. Thought to have originated with FIFA referee Koman Coulibaly serving a "phantom" foul to the United States in the 2010 FIFA World Cup during a group stage match against Slovenia.
Koman Coulibaly definitely just coulibalied that "decision." The US threw rock and Slovenia threw scissors. Only a coulibaly could miss that; US wins.
by Tommysaurous Rex June 19, 2010
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