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To be uncontrollable, intoxicated over the legal limit, a harm to oneself and others, at risk of screwing everything up and possible death
He pulled a corry and ruined everything!
Dude I was so corry last night.
by Titty McFinnigian September 06, 2009
A crazy flirty guy who tries to get all the ladies but fails it always ends with rejection. You can pick him out from a crowd because hes usually missing his front tooth.
Cute girl 1: "eww did you see that creepy guy just come hit on me?"
Cute girl 2: "yes! I can't believe it, whatta Corry!"
by Ilikebigbootybitchesyall June 05, 2011
a slang term for a penis.
how's your Corry? Corry is itchy. Corry's gonna smash into you.
by lucylucylucylucy April 04, 2008