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A really pimp name for a cool friend. Corrins are rare and when you find them they are really special. They are also dead sexy.
Person: Dude I talked to a corrin last night. She was bangin
Person (named Grace): Dude She's my best friend and also...she's a pimp!
by Nombre February 12, 2008
Corrin (language), a fictional language featured in the unpublished novel, 'My Friends Wahoo, Thawah and Chawm.'.
Person 1: 'Horre, nj mano ith Thawah!'

Person 2: 'Sorry, I don't speak Corrin...'
by sezzafail October 19, 2010
A disabled dionosaur.
Guy: Look at that girl run!
Girl: Oh yeah, must be a Corrin..
by ErMehGherd January 11, 2013
A cool and sexy friend who is obsessed with shoes and owns at least 200 pairs.
oh my goodness! I never knew Stacey was such a Corrin!
by Janeen83 February 10, 2009
A very naive girl; someone who gets jelious very easily. Someone who can be a total bitch at times but only to people who they really doesnt want around.
that girl is so corrin.
by keri johnson September 17, 2008