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A frozen corpse
Zeeb's corpsicle was pulled from the thinly frozen river, while his water-logged snowmobile wasn't
by Unca Chuck April 15, 2003
When a deceased male obtains an erection.
Caitlin-Brea's favourite pass-time.
A person in cryonic suspension (frozen in suspended animation with the hope of possible revival in the future)
He signed up to be cryonically suspended after death because he figured it was better to be a corpsicle than to be incinerated or rot in a casket .
by Ageless Goddess November 01, 2015
AKA a human popsicle, both of which are slang terms for a person in cryonic suspension.
Some people would rather be a corpsicle rather than be cremated or buried in the ground because at least you're in a sleeping bag instead coffin!
by Ageless Goddess October 27, 2015
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