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Corno means "horn" in English.

It's a Brazilian expression for some man who has been cheated by his wife or girlfriend.
This came from a legend where the betrayed man started to feel pain in his forehead, where the horns (cornos) shoud came off.

Dor-de-Corno (Pain-of-the-horned) is when the corno takes an atitude when realizes it's condition: get drunk, vengance (sometimes hurting/killing his girlfriend or her lover), etc.
These reactions lead to the subdivisions of a corno: corno manso (the one who doesn't care about his condition), corno raivoso (the angry one), etc.

Also, there are some smiles for cornos:
}:) - happy corno
}:( - sad corno
}:O - surprised corno
}:B - idiot corno
}:S - confuzed corno
}:X - mouth-shutted corno
]:* - kissing corno

The feminine of corno is corna.

The more someone cheats his partner, the more cornos (horns) he has in his head.

Finally, corno can be many things: substantive - the horn "He has cornos (horns)."
adjetive - "Hey, you are a corno (horned.)!"
verb - "You wife corneou (cheated) you!"
"A Maria é uma vadia, portanto João, o namorado dela, é um corno."
"Mary is a bitch, so João, her boyfriend, is a corno."

"Ih, o Zé está com a maior dor-de-corno... acho que ele vai bater na namorada"
"Jeez, Zé has got a lot of dor-de-corno... I think he's going to punch his girlfriend"

"H.C. é uma corna! Seu marido foi pego comendo sua secretária!"
"H.C. is a corna! Her husband was caught fucking his secretary!"

"O Fernando arranha o teto com seus chifres, ahahah"
"Fernando scratches the ceiling with his horns, ahahah"

"Carlos, não é difícil você sustentar a cabeça com esse tanto de chifre na sua cabeça?"
"Carlos, isn't hard to hold your head with so many horns in your head?
by Matheus J. November 04, 2007
(Portuguese) When a woman cuckolds her husband or partner, she is said to "pôr-lhe os cornos", which, literally translated, means "she planted two bull horns on top of her man's head".

The cuckolded husband is referred to as "corno". After filha da puta and paneleiro, "corno" is the most insulting thing you can call a Portuguese man.

"Palitos" and "Chifres" are humorous synonyms for cornos.
A tua gaja anda a pôr-te os cornos! / Your woman has been sleeping around!

Aquele já não pode com os cornos. / That guy has been cheated on so many times, he can barely hold his horns up.
by New Marquis de Carabas September 20, 2005
derived from portugese meaning of wearing the horns: a male who's wife/girlfriend has cheated on him and he is fully aware of it and he also likes it. It turns him on.
That dude Petitpas is a real corno!!! His girl was sleeping with her ex and he knew it and STILL lived with her.
by CARLJAR500 November 10, 2014
A.K.A Cornography

The obsession of a man and his festish with corn. He is usually a farmer and enjoys looking at corn. He/she takes many pictures of this corn and is also a corn rights activist. He is usually a psycopath and got dumped after being found having an affair with the corn. He gets a kick out of watching cornboy channels and the corn show.
1. Dont you touch mah corno sucka

2. That corno is soooo sexy

2. And the winner of the father son picnic is: Peter Griffin and a stalk of corn. (geeze what a corno)
by NAFC December 14, 2004
1) corn + porn=corno

This is normally reserved for the low.

2) a gay man who likes "corn"
Frank: Hey, Tom where were you, and whats with the scared face?

Tom: I was at the gym, and there was this gayo staring at me.

Frank: Probably a corno addict.
by The man with the rooster June 09, 2011
watching corno is when you watch your popcorn cook in the microwave to make sure you make it perfectly
...*pop pop*..."billy what are you doing?"...*pop pop*..."Im watching corno"
by 52963 October 29, 2010
a porn movie that is sooo bad that you have to turn it off
aw man i thought this "chick sucks for cows" would be better but it's a corno
by EMITCH75 May 26, 2009
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