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A hot blonde who gives every guy a camel toe. Total hottie that every guy wants to bang. Cornelia's have super sexy bodies and can pull of any clothes, but best without any. They are tall and lean and are excellent kissers. Best person to tell secrets too and to ask for advice
Guy 1: Who's you hook up with?
Guy 2: This super hot chick who knows her ways in bed. She must be Cornelia
by udfreakforevaandeva January 12, 2013
House of great disgust
Filled with filth and rot and fungus with chicken bones going moldy
the cornelium in da heights of oakville
by Nothanks January 03, 2004
1. When a younger sibling tries to pull a fast one but the older sibling out-plays the younger

2. When someone can't spell "Cornelius" right

3. The word that rhymes with Helium
My sister was trying to be all cornelium on me yesterday but I was to smart for it. And look what I've done today!
by YeahThat'sRightIWin February 17, 2011
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