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A pleasure to be around. Fun, exciting, weird (in good way, like Mitch is weird). Enjoyable, funny and just plain fantastic.
sleepover/movie night party BLAST with Corie!
by Mr. Mitch S. March 08, 2008
173 62
Freaking amazing.
Wow, you are Corie.
by C.J.L. September 03, 2008
119 32
A female, Normally dark haired, A wonderful person to be around and the funnest person you will ever know. Though known to be corky and moody at times.
What can I say, She is a Corie
by RMalde October 12, 2011
44 14
A girl who is Obsessed wih musicals. loves to sing and dance.
who can that be singing and dancing to that musical. Oh no it can only be corie
by Corie June 16, 2004
68 80
Slang for penis

Used widely by Stokesley Breeds!!
I got told he has a small cory
by Chris March 02, 2005
52 113