Ok I used to hate Slipknot, but when I heard Vermillion, I was absolutely awed by his voice. That doesn't happen often.
Vermillion is probably one of the best and thoughtful songs I have heard since Alone I Break.
by Luka October 14, 2004
Top Definition
Great singer. Probably the best ever. He's got a powerful voice, can sing fast and slow with it. He can sing "normal". He can make any song good.
Person 1: Man, this song sucks.
Person 2: Yeah, get Corey Taylor here. He can make it good.
by Swedish_maggot January 13, 2005
To sum it all up Corey Taylor was the lead singer of the band stone sour then joined slipknot and became lead singer there. He wears the dread locked ghoul mask and is #8 out of 9 in the band. He is also ONE OF the best voices i’ve heard; and is now in days being worshiped by scum sucking leeches that pose themselfs as maggots and always wear their nicely ironed hot topic slipknot shirts, when really they've only heard the song vermillion and if asked they probably wouldn’t know what M.F.K.R. stands for or how this great fucking band got started. You dumb fuck posers. You disgust me.
you people (not everyone) dont know shit about slipknot or corey.& your defintions are the real insults
by mary j. January 16, 2005
signed to roadrunner records probably the best vocalist in my humble opinion he puts emotion into his singing unlike the majority of the stupid bands out now...beautiful with or without the mask...i love corey!!!!
anyone who can compose a song like vermillion derserves my gratitude!
"but i won't let this build up inside of me!"
by keykz July 17, 2004
lead singer of slipknot. a great musician and artist. probably the best singer of his style i have heard, (closely followed by disturbeds signer and james hettfeild from metallica) has a very unique metal voice that nobody can match, and sings well too
wow that corey taylor dude is the best singer ive ever heard
by scotty April 25, 2004
vocalist from slipknot. one of the best vocalists i've heard along with randy blythe of lamb of god. took the place of anders colsefni in slipknot. also lead singer for stone sour.
people who only hear one song from vol.3(such as duality or vermilion)and claim to be maggots disgust me
Corey Taylor is GOD!
by anal blast February 14, 2005
one of the best vocalists i have heard along with randy blythe of lamb of god. stupid fuckers who have only heard vol. 3 and claim themselves as maggots disgust me.
Corey Taylor is one of my idols
by anal blast February 14, 2005
Vocalist for both Slipknot and Stone Sour. Truely amazing in both bands. I see a lot of other people with definitions for Corey are making fun of poser-maggots who have only ever heard the song "Vermilion." But, I have noticed, even the so-called, "true maggots" here all spelled Vermilion wrong. Haha. Anyway, Corey's one of the best singers I've ever heard and deserves some respect.
Corey Taylor is fucking amazing, especially in songs like (sic), Spit it Out, and Disasterpiece.

Maggots, please spell check before you submit a definiton. Thank you, and stay (sic). :D
by Disasterpiece January 03, 2008
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