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Great singer. Probably the best ever. He's got a powerful voice, can sing fast and slow with it. He can sing "normal". He can make any song good.
Person 1: Man, this song sucks.
Person 2: Yeah, get Corey Taylor here. He can make it good.
by Swedish_maggot January 13, 2005
Short for United States of America.
See America
Person 1: Do you know what "USA" means?
Person 2: Yeah, it means United States of America.
by Swedish_maggot December 11, 2004
Simply a great band. Metal rules and Iron Maiden is one of them.

I'm swedish, and Maiden calls their swedish fans blood brothers. I know alot of bands say that to everyone, but I know they don't lie. 55 000 tickets sold out in 2,5 hours here. Pretty good for a country with 9 million citizens.

I think you have to play for 25 years to enter the rock Hall of Fame. Maiden has played 25 years. Don't you think they should be allowed to enter?
Maiden fan: Iron maiden rules. Simple as that
by Swedish_maggot January 13, 2005
First of all fuckers. Slipknot do NOT label themselves as Black metal or Death metal. They just call themselves Slipknot. Just as their fans. And it's not just teenagers that listen to them. My dad, who's 41, like some of their songs. And to all of you who say that their songs doesnt contain other words than "fuck, I hate you", you should go and suck your daddy.
The reason they wear masks is that they don't wanna be judged by how they look. And they are not a band put together by a record company. And it takes talent to play 9 guys in a band. And last: maybe all the members of Slipknot are not the best drummer, or the best singer, or whatever. But put together they are the best band.

Stay (SiC) Maggots
Non-maggot: Slipknot suck ass.
Maggot: YOU suck ass. Go listen to your fuckin' pop-shit you call music
by Swedish_maggot December 04, 2004
Nu metal means new metal. Just like Metallica and Slayer was in the beginning of the 80's. I think it was good that some of the Nu metal bands came. Metallica was good in the 80's, but after that they sucked pretty hard. Nu metal saved metal from being worn out. But most Nu metal band sucks today too. Korn and Slipknot are the best nu metal bands, but I don't like to call them that, cuz they don't sound like eachother or like Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit(who sucks harder than anything else that's called metal) at all.. Only three bands from the 80's are good:
Metallica (the four first albums)
Iron Maiden.
And new bands that are good:
Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Static-X, Marilyn Manson.
But maybe some of these bands are gonna suck some day too, like Metallica do today.

Many of Korn and Slipknots fans listen to old metal too. And my daddy (41 years old) like some of Korns songs, and some of Slipknots songs, and some Marilyn Manson-songs. But he usually listen to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest, and bands like that.

Slipknot was opening band for Metallica once, and most of the audience liked it. And Slipknot toured with Slayer, and the slayer-fans liked Slipknot.

But I do agree that many Nu metal bands sucks (Linkin park, limp bizkit, deftones and alot of others)
Old metaller: Slipknot and Korn sucks!

New metaller: Okey, but I bet you haven't heard any other song than what's on MTV.
by Swedish_maggot December 11, 2004

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