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The illest MC to ever come along.
"You are what you eat, and that's shit's fact, so I never eat pussy and just stick with Big Mac"

Copywrite is one sick muthafucka.
by 78 June 09, 2003
To grant permission to anyone to copy anything you write on the condition you are credited or identified as the original source.
If you fail to comply with the one condition of the copywrite privilege, you are violating my rights. I have never wanted to hurt you but I can add to my bucketlist...*.Dasafac Jack
by Dasafac Jack May 04, 2012
A contemporary term for Copywriting. It's usage is highly debatable; however, some copywriters feel that rhythmic patterns and "flow" is, sometimes, more important than perfect grammar. is a perfect example of preference over proper usage of grammar.
"Knowing how to say today's h3ll0 - John Doe - Copywrite"
by the_jyu September 17, 2011
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