Anyone's shit or poo that's been sitting around for a while and has cooled down to below room temperature.
Sally "Oh no, my shit's gone cold, I'm going to have to heat it up again..."

Bill "Yeah, no one like's cool Shit, Sally.
by poo muncher yum April 05, 2010
Top Definition
Some item, event or form of entertainment that is particularly interesting. More so than anything else one has ever seen.
Oh man, that was some cool shit!
by Cam M. December 02, 2007
another way to say I Don't Give A Fuck.
If someone says something irrelevant, you simply reply with
"Cool Shit".
Guy #1: Hey bro, i was with your sister last night.
Guy #2: Cool shit.

Girl: I love you, austin <33
Guy: Cool shit.
by jajanicole February 04, 2012
A term for someone who is chill, cool, down for fun.
He blazed me a fat blunt, he's cool shit
by chronikmannn October 25, 2010
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