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A term used to describe a Louisiana-American's excitement for something. The equivalent of: awesome, yay, or swell, but in a much less educated way; The most used word of the Louisiana-American alphabet.
Ja-ranjalo: "Hell yeah Keesha, Imma' smack yo' cat!"

Keesha: "COOEY!"
by Wade and Em' July 17, 2011
a person who is clearly not hood, who tries to dress, talk, and act like it. For example: Eminem. Typically these are white dudes from the suburbs.
Take off that tall tee and gold chain, you look hella cooey.
by btkporvida March 29, 2011
somebody (of any race) who wears a skully, jersey, fronts, or a chain. fools who are into krunk ass music and gettin paper.

dudes that act way too cool for you.
"damn that dude is one cooey motherfucker."

"hey take this 4xl white tee, you're cooey, you'd like it"
by cynic November 29, 2004

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