short version of the word coosh, the bomb marijuana.
Lets roll a blunt of some chron.. na bro i got me the bombs, purple coo. Enough said lets smoke.
by Big Boi June 17, 2006
short for cooch, this is the term used for a woman's vagina.
Jizabelle likes to put whole baseball bats in her fishy, bloody coo.
by Justin March 14, 2005
a nasty, sticky brown substance formed from a mixture of come and poo. Appears during anal sex with someone who needs to take a dump, or has diarrhea. Something covered in coo can be said to be cooey
"Dude! i was hittin' that ass for half an hour before i noticed my dick was covered in coo!"
by b0Bz0r3llo March 22, 2005
Title of affection for a step-mother or other motherly figure. Used as a name, such as Dad or Mom or Nana. Pronounced: cûs' (with a hard C and 'oos' as in papoose)
After school my coos is picking me up to take me to my dad's house. Also - Can you make me a sandwich, coos?
by paynomind February 11, 2006

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