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My North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk my song.
I love Constantin.
by helena September 12, 2003
the sweetest smartest sexiest guy on earth. more likely than not, is greek. if you've got a constantin, thank your lucky stars...let him know...and never let him go :)

also goes by constantinos, kostas, and dinos.
"oh my God, stop jumping around, woman...did you win the lottery?" :/
"no! i'm in love!" :D
"'ve fallen hard for that dude." :o
"i couldn't help it!... he's a constantin." :)
by ~sparrow~ February 27, 2011
A term used to describe a depleted supply of Marijuana. Short for "Constantinople", the former name of the city Istanbul in Turkey, which is no longer in use. ***(Background: In 1453, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II conquered the city and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Now under new rule, the metropolis was dubbed "Istanbul" from the Greek phrase "eis ten polin," which meant "in the city." The name of the city wasn't officially changed until 1930, and Westerners continued to refer to it as Constantinople on maps and in speech into the '60s.)***

You could also substitute with abbreviations: "connie" or "con".
"Man - that bowl is Constantin - pack another!!!"
by Marc(O) September 01, 2005
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