A document that the US Libertarian Party (www.LP.org) supports. The Constitution (Article I, Section 8) lists a set of enumerated powers for the federal government.

Some of these enumerated powers include: military defense, coining money, establishing post offices and post roads.
Democrats say they support the Constitution but want more federal welfare programs and 20,000 gun laws. Republicans say they support the Constitution but support National ID cards and the Patriot Act.
by Ringo Starr April 01, 2006
What george bush and dick cheney will change so good ol bushy can have another 20 yrs in office
giddyup horsey yeehaw im the president
by PlayDohMan March 02, 2005
1. America's second founding document that replaced the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was created in 1789 because many (NOT ALL) of our Founding Fathers believed that the AoC did not create a strong enough central government.

The US Constitution includes a preamble, 3 Federal Branches of government, and the Bill of Rights. The Consitution can also be amended, and now has 27 amendments ranging from pay raises for congress, to emancipation from slavery.

2. Any country's founding document.
1. Unfortunately the Consitution has been hammered away by both Left and Right political parties seeking to expand the Federal government. George W. Bush is not the first person to shit all over the Constitution. Stop giving him all the credit. Presidents like Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincholn, and FDR have caused the most damage.

2. Iraq needs to create a Constitution.
by N3r0666 June 07, 2005
A document that Ultra-Conservative, fascist jackasses think allows for integration of church and state, constant surveillance, and media censorship.
Basically ignored to pursue the "greater good" of a Christian Theocracy.

If this doesn't frighten you, I don't know what can.
The FCC now fines $500,000 for every act of "indecency", something completely subjective, but normally defined as being "Offensive".

I find it offensive when a government official says "God"...
by SkullWolf December 01, 2004
A once important document that replaced the Bush administration's dry biscuit in a wild and animalistic struggle for victory and stature for reasons unknown to the average American who is slowly learning to take freedom more seriously and not for granted while poor George, who couldn't get it up quick enough (unlike his predecessor), can't have desert until he eats his din din..
Poor George.. can't stomach his own porridge, but the constitution tastes grrrrrrrrrREAT!!!.
by de Frosting le Lobster September 24, 2010
An American Humanist’s Bible. Like the Bible, the Constitution can be interpreted to defend all forms of human behavior. Books are replaces by articles, commandments by amendments and preachers by lawyers and judges. The “intent” of the Framers who crafted the document may never be known, but chances are it isn’t what you believe.
“Do you have a copy of the Constitution?”
“Of course, but wouldn’t you rather hear what I have to say?”
by Your”-ism”here June 15, 2009
One's diet, and inner workings.

What something is made of.
The constitution of the elderly contains many figs and prunes.

The definition of God or any religious, politcal or auto-related word on this site is a constitution of bullshit and misinterpreted assfacts
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004

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