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A man who is generally clever, who makes quick-witted jokes and frequently enjoys his sex.

He also has a deep interest/obsession with Inception and the genius behind the film. His understanding and philosophical views on Inception have also guaranteed him many women in the past.
Girl 1: Wow, look at Conor. He seems to be having a massive sex session with all those women while making clever, quick-witted jokes and also enjoying other films from Christopher Nolan.

Girl 2: And his obsession with Inception is completely borderline sane, you can tell he hasn't tattooed Inception to his body by staring at his genita- never mind, I see a Inception spinning top on his scrotum.

Girl 1: The same Inception spinning top that can be bought from Hong Kong for the low price of $4.99 + postage and handling?

Girl 2: The same one.

Girl 1: God, this man turns me on more than Inception does. Let's participate in sex with him.

Girl 2: Sure!
by Conyak February 18, 2011
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