Conner is honestly the most amazing guy i have ever met. he his tall and big built and although he will say he is fat, he his perfect just the way he his. He makes the perfect teddy bear ever<3 He enjoys facial peircings. He has snakebites and a tounge ring, and even though i am not to fond of it, he has a nose ring too. Conner has the most fantastic eyes i have ever seen. Not only because of the color, which are brown and green and he claims they look like mud but they are beautiful, but also because i feel like he can see into my emotions. I know he understands me and that he loves me everytime i stare into his eyes. Conner is the sweetest guy you could ever come across. He is all over caring and loving. But if you get on his bad side its real hard to get back to his sweet side. I am lucky to have my conner and i wouldnt trade him for the world. I love you Conner Haitsma. and nothing could ever change that. He his amazing, sexy, sweet, loving, cute, and everything a girl could ask for in a boyfriend.<3
That new kid, conner, is sooo sexy with his lip piercings!
by KittyCat<3 August 14, 2011
Almost cool enough to be a total Connor.
That Connor is such a total Conner...
by HeadHunterX11 March 25, 2014
Horrible Magic the Gathering player. He will always and forever suck at playing the trumpet. And is definitely, 100% NOT BATMAN.
Person: Quit being such a Conner!
by Griftonium November 04, 2014
A kid who's basically a huge asshole. He's a blonde-haired dick head who can't be beat in knockout basketball or he'll rage and call you a faggot while pointing the middle finger at you. then he will kick the game ball across the court and go cry in a corner.
Guy-"I played a game of knockout against what's his name and he raged and kicked the ball like an asshole."

Girl- "Oh you mean Conner."

Guy-"yeah thats the one."
by THEFUCKINGTRUTHBITCH!!! November 10, 2014
conner: what did you say?!?!?
Chelsea:BOOBIES!!! XDD
by chelie xD January 29, 2010
Sprog. Cuntiest of cunts. Lazy. Creepiest of creeps. Womanizer. Yarn spinner. Liar. Deceiver.
That cunt is such a conner
Why are you being such a conner?
by the sitch9999 August 13, 2011
Hott guy witha DOPE bestfriend. Conner is awesome. Really cute, nice, funny,
nerdy. My everything. So many memories with this fagg that i know fo sho his
specail day he would never forget is September 27th woot woot. I love him more
then a friend but hes happily taken so my lost. Hes a CHRISTIAN! he is wanting
to go to the "Military". His familys tradition. I looove his mom n sister! their
sooo awesome too! He short btw but soon will be TOWERIN over me! He means the
world to me and i want him back weither he knows it or not. Btw Hes my
"SPIDERMAN" :] & i guess im his "Princess":] That one dude conner also Promised me hes gunna watch the notebook with me. His bestfriend loves the movie marley&Me.
Conner should give "babygirl" another chance! :]
by Tnlb:] April 19, 2009

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