Usually a really amazing nice guy. He will probably seem awkward at first, but he's not that bad. He is just the right amount of smart and athletic. A Conner will usually be extremely talented, and all the girls love him, but really humble and never a show-off. He is not perverted and respects girls. He can be really serious and quiet, and really fun and crazy. He will usually have a subtle but hilarious sense of humor. He has the most beautiful smile and it will most likely make your insides melt. Conners are usually so amazing, there is no words to describe them! The word Conner can also be used to describe something or someone so great it's too amazing to put into words. If you know a Conner, get to know him. He is most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet!
That girl is talking to Conner!
Ooooh jealous!
by iateyourpie December 09, 2012
A truly awesome person who is extremely handsome, always dresses nicely and loves god. He can wreck anyone who competes with him in any given sport and is a great guy. Always impresses the ladies and treats them with the most respect. He is a great friend and a even better boyfriend. Conner can do anything he sets his mind to. He is not a pervert, sometimes, and is just awesome. Sometimes referred to as the Ferris Bueller of really life or Chuck Norris's twin brother.
Have you seen Conner, he is awesome
Conner, you're like Ferris Bueller
by Skruffy Nerfherder August 18, 2011
conner i s a uniqe kind loving person who cares a bout others and loves women for who they are,but he is

not that cute but he stiill cares
OMG he is so nice

i looooooovvvvvvveeeeee conner
by the snelly January 13, 2012
A hot, sweet, funny, and smart guy. If you have a Conner don't let him go. He is an amazing boyfriend and will never leave your side. He makes you smile and laugh all the time. He is the hottest guy in school.
That guy is being a total Conner right now, I wish I was him.
by Brooke J June 07, 2011
The handsomest guy you will ever see. Just one look can make you melt faster than chocolate. He makes all of his girlfriends feel special no matter what and isn't affraid to hold your hand.
Conners gf: OMGOSHhhh!!! Conner held my hand and didn't let go till I had to go and he is so handsome
Conners gf friend: really?? I wish my bf did that
by Fallinginlovewithyou:) November 23, 2011
The guy with the perfect foot long, the girls will always eat fresh.
Wow, look conner's got a 12 inch penis
by Corinnar October 13, 2014
An individual who has a certain asshole-like personality, often times considering themselves the smartest person in any given group.
Person 1) I'm smarter than you motherfucker
Person 2) Don't be a conner
by Conner Massemburg April 30, 2015

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