a combination of the words confuse and puzzle meaning frustrated and confused
ugh! i'm soo confuzzled!!
by Maggie M June 20, 2006
An awkward state of derp; confusion
I confuzzled my math teacher by talking about ham in class.
by AmBoGo November 19, 2014
To extremely confuse through action or words and cause headache.
"Emo kids really confuzzle me, kinda hurts."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
a cross between the words "confuse" and "befuddle". while these words mean exactly the same thing, this combined word means a greater state of being confused.
the movie donnie darko will most likely confuzzle you
by bethyooba November 14, 2010
verb: to confuze in a complex or unusual fashion
This mixture of Jelly and Cheese should confuzzle even the greatest lingists.
by SomeGuyInABikini October 02, 2003
adj. to being confused and unaware of something.
v. to make someone confused.
I was totally confuzzled by the whole event.
by Melanie March 07, 2005
to confuse, to not know
( confuzzled,confuzzling)
These instructions confuzzle me
by Stephanie March 03, 2004

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