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So freakin' confused and befuddled, you are unable to even distinguish between the two.
"I just subtracted five ducks from my chocolate pudding and got the Constitution of the U.S. Are ye confuddled?"
by Mouse1010 February 12, 2006
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A mix between confused and befuddled.
"I am confuddled as to the events pertaining to the space in time between the end of work and this morning."
"That answer made me confuddled"
by dragon of bad faith July 08, 2005
Being confuddled is when your confused about being confused but u dont know wot your confused about so your completly confuddled
John: oh im so confused but i dont know wot im confused about
Paul: oh so your really confuddled not confused, now i undersatnd!
by Craig Buggins June 11, 2005
a mix of confused and befuddled
'your talking so fast i'm confuddled'
by rosie December 15, 2004
confused and befuddled.
Jen: He was going to go to Bom's house but he didn't because of the cat.
Mark: What? I'm confuddled.
by beckie__ August 14, 2006
overly confused and perplexed with too much information.
My friend was confuddled when everyone around her was bellowing and screaming at once at the bustling concert.
by villigirl October 04, 2009
a word which everyone claims to own, yet everyone knows it.
person 1: I'm confuddled!
person 2: Hey that's my word! I own it!
person 1: What? No you don't...
by J Kelso December 22, 2006

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