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1) Confused, frustrated, baffled.

2) Accursed, frustrating, annoying. Synonymous with blasted.
1) The Mystery of the Malfunctioning Computer confounded me for seven years, but Detective McEaghen solved the case with relative ease.

2) How am I supposed to log on to this confounded thing?
by Diggity Monkeez April 25, 2005
Used as an intensifier, and placed like an adjective. It literally means "confused" or "foiled". As slang, it is equivalent to "danged" or "darned". Used mostly in the southern U.S. and in Scotland.
Dagnabbit, where in the Sam Hill did you get that frickin' piece of crud? Get the confounded thing out of here!
by JCEG November 25, 2006

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