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A phrase coined by and named after TV personality Conan O'Brien, host of NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". Used to describe a place or state of mind which is very enjoyable or "cool".
Can and should be used in conjunction with the word rolladex.
This party is way rolladex. We're totally in the Cone-Zone.
by Peter McHorse August 02, 2004
To watch late night with Conan O'Brien
To be in the "ConeZone"
by Tanya (funkyfrog) September 19, 2005
1: A good place to be

2: In a state of euphoria

3: better than being "in the zone"

4: a huge and mighty B.e.n erection.
"wow this party is so rolodex we are in the fucking CONEZONE!!"

"That girl is pretty fucking nice, i am going to stick her with my CONEZONE!!"
by Ben Nelson May 26, 2004
An imaginary, equidistant line around your body forming the great circle that is your personal space.
"Man back out my cone zone! I can feel your breath on my face!"

"I got on the subway at rush hour and there were mad people up in mah cone zone!"

"Cindy and I went out clubbing last night. Billy couldnt take a hint that Cindy didnt want him dancing in her cone zone."

#space #personal space #privacy #intimacy #annoying
by Judit January 12, 2007
To be fuckin roladex
Yo that shit's in the conezone
by Amanda & Jeanette August 12, 2004
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