Someone who stands well over 6 feet tall and is blessed with the powers of humor and intelligence.
Conan is a huge stack of man and I would buy his sexy fine ass a lifetime-supply of Outback Steakhouse curly fries if he'd marry me. =D
by Late-Night Lover April 07, 2003
Quite possibly one of the gayest sounding names, up there with Bruce and Julius, but almost invariably attached to the coolest people ever.
Cases in point: Arthur Conan Doyle, Conan O'brien, and of course, the legendary Conan "the barbarian" of Cimmeria.

Used as an adjective or noun to describe something as excessively cool or to describe a person who is in complete control of their comic functions at all times. Usually in conjunction with an other adjective.
Noun: Olde Tymey bikes are soooo CONAN!

Wow, what you just said was completely hilarious and off the cuff. You are so totally Conan!

adj: That was a totally Conan comment you just made.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
An American late night talk show host who's face resembles some kind of rodent.
"Do you think Conan pays the audience to laugh at his jokes."
by olympus September 20, 2005

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