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The craft of creating media using primarily sound and silence, often with a form of notation, either standardized, graphic or aleatory.
Conductor: "Ah, Xenakis, your new scribbles are certainly a masterpiece!"
Xenakis: "Indeed, composing graphical works is among my specialties."
by nonsense542 July 09, 2011
something producers use as their excuse to shit on great sample-based producers...producers such as ghet ghet (aka ghetalion - see *ghetalion* for further reference)have spent way too much time trying to stress a point which they think it actually make them ill...when it takes alot of more time and effort to prove that based on the fact that you dont actually need hot melodies to comsider yourself a composer
ghetalion, neptunes, out of key
by Ghetalion July 16, 2004
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