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Something so complex, it's not enough to say it's complicated.
"Hey John, how's your lab going?"

"It's so damn complexicated I don't know what to do!!!!"
by Arctic_Fox November 14, 2008
forging together of a complex and complicated situation and/or person
Thinking of the example for this word was a very complexicated decision
by Adam and Lexi March 16, 2007
Complex (meaning different) and complicated (meaning difficult) basically it means something that's new, different, and confusing, such as a complexicated relationship or a person with a complexicated personality.
Girl 1: So how are things going with you and that new guy you're seeing?

Girl 2: I don't know, things are really complexicated with us. I'm not sure where things are going.


One minute Britney's happy, the next minute she's sad. She's also very unique. She has a very complexicated personality.
by PrincessR December 06, 2009
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