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1. The mixture of semen (Cum) and urine (Piss) that exits the penis after sexual intercourse. This whitish discharge is often the opening act for a golden shower.
2. The abundance of cum that exits the penis after extended intercourse
Raigen- "Yea, ohh yea, ride me!!"
Storm- "Im gunna compass!! OMGGGGGG!"
Raigen- "Wow. Get me a towel. WTF."
by StreetBikeTakeover August 05, 2009
n. - The act of defecating in a toilet by sitting normally and taking four 90 degree rotated seatings, each seating involving partial defecation.

The end result is faeces deposited on four parts of the toilet bowl, much like a compass.

A childish prank.

Similar to back straddling.
"I hate that guy so much I performed a compass in his toilet. Just watch him clean it up"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
a device used to find direction. Sometimes it's used to find a landmark, other times it's used to find love.

devise that points towards your dreams.
I gave my love my brass compass and told her to watch the needle spin and that it'll ALWAYS point to what you want it to. It's something weird about love
by stanlee315 September 01, 2012
Means everything is going in the right direction in your life.
Compass! Seems like the removal of your wisdom teeth has not left you with any defects, things are working out as you expected.
by HHAB May 11, 2013
When a male takes a piss after masturbating and the piss goes in different directions like North South East and West. In other words, a Cum-piss.
Joe shmo just got done splooging everywhere and took a compass.
by YaBoy Cdogg December 23, 2009
A navigation device of ancient origin. It requires no batteries, but demands a reasonable amount of skill to use. With a compass, you can navigate through rough country to an unseen destination. It is most useful with a topographic map.
Millie used her compass to get to the ski hut.

Yuppies, Soccer Moms, and other sissies don't know how to use a compass. They need a GPS in their car just to get to work.
by Cap'n Bullmoose July 10, 2008
nickname for a guy whose cock does not hang down straight
Dude . . . sweet compass.
by Master of Girth April 04, 2003
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