an office which provides services for the community
Information can be found in the local tourist commission
by Luis Alvarez June 09, 2007
Top Definition

1) A fee paid to an agent for providing a service, especially a percentage of the total amount of business transacted.

2) A job or task given to a person or a group, especially an order to produce a particular product or piece of work.

3) A group of people authorized to carry out a duty.

4) The committing of something, especially a crime or other offense.

1) The middleman was paid a fee.

2) The factory was given a commission.

3) The spy had commission to kill suspects of terrorism.

4) The commission of a crime.

by Jafje June 06, 2007
To pay an artist to draw something, anything.
I'll do commissions for $10 each.
by Kilgayne February 22, 2005
A transaction involving the exchange of money from the commissioner to an artist in exchange for custom pornographic artworks. Typically refers to anime and furry art.
Damn. Did you see that guy's commission? I was all like FAPFAPFAP!

I couldn't find any art of Goku sexing up Gotenks so I believe I'll commission somebody for one.
by DerpWolf September 27, 2010
1. One person gettin beat by a whole group.

2. A cool group of kids from Dunkirk, NY.
1. Muffuggas bout to get commission.

2. Ill get commission on yo ass.
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
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