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To pay an artist to draw something, anything.
I'll do commissions for $10 each.
by Kilgayne February 22, 2005
Laughing Out Really Fucking Loud
- So then I kicked him in the nuts
by Kilgayne February 24, 2005
"Jimi Hendrix". Artists are usually rotten in counterstrike-like games...
by Kilgayne August 30, 2003
1.A reeeeaaaally powerful virtual reality generator
2.To avoid something that was throwed on us.
1.Wow! This veedio game is a real Matrix!
2.*he avoided being hit by a stone* -Hey! I did a matrix!
by kilgayne October 18, 2003
It's like when someone plays an instrument really bad, we say he's phoney.
*some guy's playing the piano*
- Man, he's so damn phoney >:(
by Kilgayne February 12, 2005
it means "Forget it". that's all.
guy1 : wtf r u doing!?
guy2 : what?!
guy1 : fi
by kilgayne March 06, 2004
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